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Questions & Answers

1. What is Saigon School Bus school bus management system?

SSB school bus management system is a completed school bus management solutions for schools, parents and school bus management team. The system keeps parents in the know of their children’s location during their whole bus fleet through real-time bus location tracking. A live notification keeps parents aware of when the bus come near for their better preparation as well as when there is any change in the schedule. Parents can also contact bus hostess or coordinator conveniently through the application when needed. The system assists schools and school bus management team in managing the bus routes and bus staff, monitoring bus student attendance, bus procurement and procedure with accuracy through the integrated and syncing information system. The SSB school bus management system is a rich-featured technology enhancing the safety for students, the comfort for parents and the efficiency in operating the school bus system for schools.

2. Is the information of parents and students secure?

SSB ensures that no third party has access to the information. The information is only accessible by the officer in charge, and different role is authorized to access to different information categorizes  based on their responsibility to ensure the information security.

3. How much does SSB application cost?

SSB application is available at no cost to all families in any school that has purchased the service subscription. Families including parents, caregivers, grandparents, guardians can access to the application at no additional cost.

4. If I have more than one child using school bus service, do parents need separate accounts for each of their child?

No, the information of your children can be displayed on one platform for your easier access. Notifications for your children are sent to your mobile devices for your tracking.

5. How do parents sign up for SSB application?

You can sign up for SSB application if your children’s school is participating in the service. The school will provide you with the username and password to access to the parents portal on the application. If your children’s school does not have SSB school bus management system, please sent them a link to this website and urge them to investigate becoming SSB’s customers.

6. Which devices parents need in order to access to SSB application.

SSB application is available on IOS and Android operational system.  Parents can access to the application from their mobile devices, such as smart phone or tablet that are connected to internet.

7. What are the difference between the mobile application and the website

The main difference is how parents access the data. The interface is different and accessing to mobile device is more suitable for better on-the-go use. The data can be accessible anywhere from parents’ mobile devices having connected to internet.

8. Could the system communicate with other school system?

SBMS could work independently or become a part of the school managment system. It can communicate well with other school applications with its API.


1. What is the qualification of the drivers and hostesses?

All bus drivers and hostess at SSB are required to

  • Have a valid and clear criminal record;

  • Have a valid health check report that stating they are eligible for working;

  • Have a valid driving license;

  • Understand clearly SSB bus procedure and regulation;

2. Do they have any special train before start to work?

Yes, we always organize many compulsory courses for our staffs such as: First-aid training, customer service, language course, school bus policies and procedures.

3. Can they speak English and other languages?

They can speak limited English, however, our call center is always visible to receive your feedback, listen and reply to parents.

4. How are the vehicles?

  • Vehicles are not older than 5 years of age.

  • All of the bus are in road worthy condition with fully functional seat belts and meet other safety requirements.

  • Vehicle Brands: Toyota, Ford Transit, Isuzu, Mercedes Sprinter, Hyundai, Samco; Fuso; Thaco • Number of seats: From 16 to 35 seats.

5. How to recognize the right vehicles?

  • ​SSB buses have school logo on both sides of each bus; 

  • Besides that one bus hostess is assigned for each on-duty bus to check and mark attendance, support students and parents when needed.

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